The Right To Bear Arms

Aellyn has been denied.

That’s right.  I’m denying my daughter one of our inalienable rights guaranteed in the 2nd amendment of the constitution.

Of course, by arms I do not mean weapons, I mean actual appendages.  I limit Aellyn’s access to them.  Oh yes.  Aellyn is a swaddled baby.

At first, the tight straight-jacket-like wrapping seems, to an adult sensibility, like torture.  I certainly wouldn’t like not having control of my arms.  Some babies, of course, also hate it.  I think this is one of those times it helps to listen to your mama instincts.  Of course a sleepy baby is going to cry – are they crying because they hate the swaddle?  or, because they are sleepy?  Aellyn not only likes it but it really helps her sleep.  She is wht I like to call a “face slapper,” waking herself up every 10 minutes.  Hugged in a swaddle cocoon she sleeps 8 hours peacefully.

Most people swaddle their infants for the first few weeks but abandon the habit once they get a little older.  If you baby is having trouble sleeping, maybe give swaddling a try again?  Here is our quest to find the perfect swaddle (and keep her in it).

First we had a SwaddleMe.  This uses flaps with velcro.  It worked well at first.  The she got bigger and stronger.  The sizing of the SwaddleMe is horrible.  The difference between the small and the large (there is no medium) is crazy.  When we went up to the large it was way too big.  We had to frankenstein it.  We sewed a 2 1/2 inch seam up the middle in order for the flap to hit the velcro at the right spot.  Even then she had to be wrapped very tightly in order for her not to push her hands up through the top every night.  It was a horrible pain in the butt and more often than not, she woke up frustrated with her hand mushed by her chin.  Defeated the whole purpose of the swaddle.  The swaddle velcro also looses its sticking power.  Never underestimate the power of a baby!  They put Houdini to shame.

Now we have a Miracle Blanket.  This is so aptly named!  The design is ingenious.  The problem with most swaddlers and blankets is that to stop the baby from worming their arms up between their chest and the swaddle you have to wrap them tight.  This lets you wrap them more loosely since it has the most amazing little arm flaps.  It is impossible to explain.  Check it out:

It is those little arm flaps that are the miracle.  We don’t use the leg pocket and you can see that it really grows with the baby so you don’t have to keep buying additional sizes.  She has never gotten out of this and she sleeps like…well, like a baby (if ever there was a stupid axiom it is that).  I can’t recommend the miracle blanket enough!  Give it a try.


2 thoughts on “The Right To Bear Arms

  1. Glad swaddling works for you. My girl didn’t really flail at all and she screamed bloody murder every time she was swaddled until she was freed–I’d have to say she really did see it as a strait jacket. It might be partly because she hates being covered though. She’s 14 months and she throws off the blankets constantly so I have to wait till she’s asleep to cover her.

    I tried swaddling for about a month, several times a day. I had a book that said it was the best tool to soothe a baby. It even went so far as to say if it didn’t work, you weren’t doing it right. I threw the book away finally and just let her be. She was happy just sleeping on top of me, hugging me.

    I do wish swaddling had worked for her because it would have made things a lot easier on me, but it is what it is, and I don’t really regret the way it turned out. I won’t be so quick to believe a book next time though. I feel like I just stressed her out everyday to prove the book right when it wasn’t for her.


  2. After numerous unsuccessful attempts at swaddling, I’m happy to report that we have finally won the war! I tried a couple of different kinds but found the Merino Kids Cocooi was the best for us. I’m grateful for the extra couple of hours sleep I get every night 🙂


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