Happy Birthday to Me!

Yesterday I turned 34!  And the best part?  For the first time I don’t have to say “hopefully next year I’ll be a mom!”

I just got the greatest news that two friends from my infertility support group Still Waters are pregnant!  Congrats Tori and Mindy!  I’m so happy for you.  We should get together.!

So, yesterday we auctioned my grandparents’ home in the mountains of West Virginia.  Grandma is really getting too feeble for them to live 45 minutes up a mountain from the nearest hospital so they are selling the place and moving in with my sister.  It was so sad to leave the place where I have so many childhood memories.  I was moping around trying to think of something to bring “closure.”  Pictures? no, we have plenty.  Then I thought of witting a hidden note to the new owners.  I took a panel that hides wires out and we wrote on the back:

This was our home and it was filled with years of fun and laughter.  May it be the same for all who enter here.

and we all signed it.  It felt good some how.  We will always “be” there and everyone who follows will know it was a place of happy memories.


4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Me!

  1. I stumbled across your picture since I’m searching for pictures of the mountains in West Virginia for work. This was one of the first images on google search for “west virginia mountains” and it is indeed an awesome sight. Also, Happy Birthday from the West Coast…San Diego, CA to be more exact.

    p.s. Leaving that note for the future owner of your grandparents place tugged on a couple heart strings. I hope the next owners have many memories in that same house. Kudos!


  2. Happy birthday!

    I know it is sad to lose a special place. My grandparents’ place in central TN was torn down a few years ago. No sign of it now. I miss it.

    Bet you have a lot of beautiful pics from WV.


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