Aellyn Meets Banana!

Aellyn had her first food today!  A wonderful and messy trial in Baby-led weaning (self-feeding of solids, see my previous post).  I don’t think she got any in her belly but we had so much fun watching her as evidenced by the 15 minutes of video that I have mercifully edited down to 5 minutes for you.  You know, in adult life, where we easily eat a banana with no mishap, it is easy to forget how darn slippery these things are.


2 thoughts on “Aellyn Meets Banana!

  1. That was completely adorable!!! I let Oliver try oatmeal and banana (a week apart) and I didn’t think about letting him try a whole banana. I mashed it up and then froze the extra. Hmmm maybe I shall give that a try!! It’s too cute. 🙂


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