Another MDC Voice Against Censorship

Someone emailed this to me:

This will be my last post here in these forums. You may have others create content for you here at the forums for your own profiteering purposes, but I will not be a part of it with the new signature linking policy at hand. There is this thing called give and take, and you, MDC, seem to want to take more than you give instead of offering an equal balance for your community. Something…so simple as a link in our little signatures, and you wish to take that from us. Your forum users are the ones that help create your web traffic figures. Your forum users, the ones with links to your site on their tiny little blogs, are the ones who support your site and its popularity. How well do you think that will benefit you when all of those links start disappearing. When those bloggers quit talking about how good of a community that MDC is? When they stop telling their friends and family that your site is simply the best. At one time I thought this was so… And now you want to pull the
rug out from under the majority of them. The ones that support your site. In close respect that Wikipedia made its links nofollow, you’re pulling the ultimate nofollow. Most here don’t understand the importance of linking on the internet. It’s what the web was founded upon and still holds strong to this very day. And I’m sorry that you feel you have to use that to your advantage as many will stay thinking it is only but a tiny link in the grand scheme of things. Following my convictions, I cannot visit here knowing that MDC only has their bottom line on the front burner. I seriously encourage you to reconsider your position on link hoarding as I fear this community will suffer as so many before you have when they have instituted just such a policy.