Things that Mean “I Love You”

In my family there are many things we do and say that mean “I love you.”  Even if my parents didn’t intend it that way.  For example,

  • Love means cutting a sandwich on the diagonal.  Cutting straight?  Heaven forbid, not cutting it?  Perish the thought.  Mom always cut on the diagonal.
  • Love means underlining key phrases in greeting cards.  This is something my Mom does that I always do now too.  Like she’ll underline Happy 3 times in Happy Birthday.  Even the long, poem type cards.  It makes you feel like she read the whole thing and really got it for you.
  • My Dad says I love you by saying “Beaker Full” when we leave the house.  This is a bastardization of “Be careful” mispronounced.  Even though I don’t say Beaker Full, saying “be careful” to DH before he leaves is just a way I say I love you.
What do you do that means “I love you.”

2 thoughts on “Things that Mean “I Love You”

  1. using the good dishes on special occasions. My mom used very old napkins that she had left over from our wedding reception one time when we were visiting on our anniversary. It was a very special touch.


  2. You for got to mention the kidney punch. When mom hugs us she always gave us a little love tap on the kidneys. When I hug her I’m always careful to keep my elbows in like a boxer to block her kidney punch. But what we are really saying is “I Love you” and “I love you too”.


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