It Must Be Good: Barbie Says So!

Reading Parenting Magazine today (I got it for free for 2 years) I was disturbed by an article about research at the University of Pennsylvania showing that kids chose cereal with animated characters they knew regardless of how healthy they thought it was.  Here is a video from ABC news about the research.

The video doesn’t bother me as much since the researcher clearly states that this doesn’t neccessarily mean a good decision making process on the part of the kid.  Parenting, on the other hand, thinks this is the bees knees. “Looks like kids love their celebrity endoresements…why not take advantage,” and then goes on to suggest products like Disney Garden Peeled Carrots with Low Fat Ranch Dip.

I find this horribly disturbing.  The agressive marketing to children is really corrupting their relationships with food among other horrors.  The Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood states that, “Advertising sells children on more than products and brands.  It also promotes values and behaviors.  Childhood obesityeating disorders, youth violencesexualization, theerosion of children’s creative playmaterialistic values, and family stress are all linked to the commercialization of childhood.”