Unfortunately, Paige

Kathryn over at This n’ That From the Mountain just blogged about a hilarious game and I had to try!

Go to Google and type: unfortunately [insert your name],   
Tell us what you find and blog about it or tell us in the comments below!

Here are some of mine:

  • Unfortunately Paige’s spell works too well — and as result, no one on earth is dying, not even those whose time has come.
  • Unfortunately Paige has been found in her office during many weekends, trying to catch up with her work.

Used to be true…not anymore with the baby waiting at home!

  • Unfortunately, Paige did not get the lead part. However, producers liked him enough that they offered him a different role
“him” ???
  • Unfortunately Paige’s behavior was far from normal

Wow, Google is psychic!

  • Unfortunately Paige breaks the cardinal rule of the con and falls in love, with a young bartender.
  • Unfortunately Paige passed away in 1999
  • Unfortunately Paige’s underlying theoretical perspective–a synthesis of orthodox Marxism and rational choice theory–is somewhat reductionist.
LOL, what?
  • Unfortunately Paige exhibits some too-stupid-to-live behavior towards the early portion of the book, not realizing the extent of the danger she is in.
  • Unfortunately Paige was raised by an interfering mother who insists there is no such thing as love
  • Unfortunately Paige’s dysfunctional family is also not out of sight and out of mind
Wow, mom, harsh.
  • Unfortunately, Paige dies when Vincent hurls a metal rod at her face.
lololol….omg, this is so funny!
What is unfortunate about you?


5 thoughts on “Unfortunately, Paige

  1. Unfortunately, Anonymous’ fanny pack would keep them waiting in line all night, despite the fact that she recently had it bedazzled.

    Love it. I wish I had a bedazzler!


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