Embarrassment of Riches

If you are currently in the midst of infertility struggles, you may want to skip this post.  As the title indicates, what I’m about to say is a shameful blessing in IF land.

My arms are full of my beautiful 3 month old IVF miracle baby.  If you are new to my blog…long story short:  January of 08 we went to the dr. to inquire about donor sperm after NINE YEARS of trying to get pregnant with insemination.  IVF was our best bet but completely out of our price range. Well, the dr. offered us a grant from a foundation called Partnership for Families – they paid for EVERYTHING for our IVF and basically gave us our daughter.

I called on Thursday to talk about our 3 frozen embryos and how much it would cost to transfer them – we wanted to know so we could spend the next two years scraping the funds together…

The Partnership is paying for the FET (Frozen Embyro Transfer)!!!!

I can’t even describe how I feel. This miracle, grace, charity, blessing just brings me to my knees. These kind (rich) people gave me a baby and they will help us attempt to bring her brothers/sisters home.  I’m so humbled.  How can I ever pay back or pay forward a gift like this?

A friend on a message board had a great answer to this last question: “I think you can pay it forward by raising great kids… kids who will become the kind of people who will make a positive contributions to this world. Because your loved and respected kids will grow up to bring joy to others and will also raise great kids, the forward paying continues.” 


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