Body After Baby: Week 1

Mama NotesPhotobucket is hosting a Body After Baby Challenge.  I think this is a great idea – having fellow bloggers to comiserate with as we work towards our goals.  As Mama Notes…ummm…notes;

“more than just losing weight. It’s about being healthy for you and your family, feeling good about yourself, being who you want to be, and whatever else you see fit in your personal life. So, no matter what you’re goals are, you can join in. “

I am not currently focused on losing weight (especially since I lost weight while pregnant) but I do have lots of changes I want to make to develop a healthier lifestyle.  I want my lifestyle to reflect now what I want to teach my daughter.  So here are my 4-6 month goals:

  1. Eat 5 servings of fruits and vegetables everyday.
  2. Cut out caffeine
  3. Cut out (drastically reduce – as in occasional treats only) sugar
  4. Exercise 4 days a week
  5. Get 8 hours of sleep (not including nursing) a night
  6. Cut out pop (that’s soda if you aren’t from the midwest)
  7. Eat 25g of fiber a day (ongoing goal – we have went all whole grain already)
  8. Daily vitamins/supplements: multi, DHA, probiotic, Vit C, Vit D
  9. Read more fiction (I’m a non-fiction glutton)
  10. Go to church (back in the habit after bed rest/post baby laziness!)
Ok, for week 1 my goals are:
  1. Eat a fruit or veggie with each meal (I mostly only eat raw veggies, hence the weird specifics below)
    1. Raw veggies for lunch instead of chips (ok, or maybe with some chips?)
    2. Salad/veggies before dinner
  2. Take Aellyn on a walk 3 or more times
  3. Slowly reduce caffeine/pop addiction (sweet, sweet Dr. Pepper how I will miss thee)
  4. Take Vitamins
I think 4 goals a week is good!  Visit Body After Baby Challenge to see other participants and their progress.  Since I don’t Tweet much and I want to do so more I’m going to tweet my progress and update here once a week.

Other Challenge participants:


5 thoughts on “Body After Baby: Week 1

  1. Hey, Paige! Thanks for dropping by the blog. I’m a Dr Pepper fan, too! 🙂 Can’t say things are going as smooth as I had hoped for but 4 of my kids, including the baby, are sick & I think I’m next. Plus, it’s been the last few days before grocery day so it’s been eat-what-you-can-find around here, lol! Good news, though — I’ve found an exercise partner!! We’re going to start on Monday night, aiming for at least twice a week, and take turns walking the walking paths at different local parks. So while my first week wasn’t successful (although it isn’t over yet!), I’m looking forward to grocery shopping tonight and gearing up for a true beginning next week with my new exercise buddy!


  2. Wow, you are really ambitious!

    Thanks for the encouragment – I must admit, I’m not doing so great this week. I need to get my heart into it.


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