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Alexis over at Where He Leads Me, I will Follow… tagged me!  Here goes (usual rules)

Eight Things I’m Looking Forward To:

  1. My first mother’s day
  2. Being out of debt
  3. Taking a vacation with DH and DD
  4. My dad feeling better
  5. My sister going back to college
  6. The new Star Trek movie!
  7. Finishing my bathroom redesign
  8. Bringing home at least one of my snowflakes with a successful FET

Eight Things I Did Yesterday:

  1. Ripped wallpaper down in my bathroom
  2. Talked to mom and dad on the webcam
  3. Changed a kajillion diapers
  4. Stared with amazement at my baby girl
  5. Wrote a fiery blog post
  6. Leaked breastmilk all over my shirt
  7. Found a new message board for Attachment Parenting Christian mamas: http://www.gentlechristianmothers.com 
  8. Used that power screwdriver thing that DH tells me is called a “drill” despite the fact we don’t use it to drill

Eight Things I Wish I Could Do:

  1. Be an at home mom
  2. Have 3 more kids
  3. Have enough money for my parents to retire
  4. Fly to San Francisco just for lunch at the Beach Chalet (right, Mandi?)
  5. Fly
  6. Go to Greece
  7. Go to Scotland
  8. Go back to sleep

Eight Shows I Watch:

  1. Law and Order
  2. Law and Order: SVU
  3. Law and Order: CI
  4. What Not to Wear
  5. Iron Chef
  6. Daily Show
  7. Colbert Report
  8. Divine Design

Eight People I Tag:

  1. J. at http://shamrocksandpemmican.blogspot.com/  for the great comment the other day
  2. Mom who doesn’t have a blog (yet) – so do it in a comment
  3. Mandi – ditto
  4. Mama Notes for her great post on Breastfeeding and the economy
  5. Kathryn at  This and That from the Mountain for her beautiful pictures
  6. Faith at Keeping the Faith for having the middle name Aellyn!
  7. Sunnymama for her inspirational post How are the children?
  8. Nadia who inspires me with her recipies and also blogs here 


6 thoughts on “Tagged! 8 meme

  1. I’ve never been tagged either but hear it goes:
    I’m looking forward to:
    1. Mothers Day
    2. First portrait sitting for DGD
    3. DH getting stronger again
    4. DD getting back in college
    5. Watching American Idol
    6. Getting new carpet
    7. Painting my bedroom
    8. Having the house sided

    Eight things I did yesterday:
    1. 20 min. on the treadmill
    2. Went back to work after a week vacation
    3. Read all my email
    4. Made 5 sales calls
    5. Looked for outage at work (teller speak)
    6. Made dinner for DH
    7. Watched Real Time with Bill Maher
    8. Had a rootbeer float

    Eight things I wish I could do:

    1. Fly to Manhattan for a Broadway Show
    2. Have an “Extreme Makeover” of my house
    3. Have Candice Olson decorate my house
    4. Visit the Redwood National Forest again
    5. Watch another Grandchild be born
    6. Watch DD Graduate from college
    7. Lose 50 pounds
    8. Have lunch with Paul McCartney

    Eight show I watch
    1. American Idol
    2. Survivor
    3. Devine Design
    4. Designers Challenge
    5. Deserving Design
    6. Design on a Dime
    7. CNN
    8. Cops


  2. If you spring for the airfare I’ll buy you all the truffle chicken mac and cheese you want. And the beer bread to go with it.
    Aunt Mandi


  3. I’ve never been tagged before! I’m going to fail at the 8 shows I watch category but I’ll have a go at the others. Sounds fun 🙂


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