The Worst Onesie Ever!

A friend gave us some baby clothes and it included this onesie.  Of course we are so grateful for the beautiful clothes and I’m sure this is no reflection of her thoughts on parenting. I think it is pretty clearly a freebie handed out by a gynecologists office, the maternity ward at a hospital, or (heaven forbid) from an I-know-you’re-breastfeeding-but-here-are-some-formula-samples-“just-in-case” package.

But yes, North American babies are among the only humans, or primates for that matter, that need to sleep alone in a cage-like bed.  *rolls eyes*

Don’t you think that using marketing propaganda to talk about how to sleep safely in a crib OR a family bed would be better.  When the young mother who doesn’t know better takes her infant to bed with her out of exhaustion she’ll have no idea how to make it safe.  After all, it is likely to happen.  According to a recent study the bed-sharing rates were 42% at 2 weeks, 34% at 3 months, and 27% at 12 months.


5 thoughts on “The Worst Onesie Ever!

  1. I and Gpa also slept with Alleyn in the bed when we watched her all night. I put my kids in a crib on their stomach. I was concerned about sleeping with an infant until I actually did it. It was great having her right there next to me and I didn’t have any doubt that I would not roll over on her. The myth is wrong and just another WIFT. (well intentioned fear tactic) NEW ACRONYM!


  2. Like every family, we had our own approach to co-sleeping. My husband was incredibly against the theory.

    When she came premature (just a little bit) I didn’t want to have her anywhere other that right next to me!

    We kept her bassinet right next to our bed, and if she woke up to nurse I would nurse her and we would fall asleep together.

    My husband says he cherishes those mornings he would wake up and see us both snoozing together all content and cozy.


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