Land of the Free? Someone Forgot to Tell 1/2 of These People

There is a thread on a very popular parenting message board entitled “Should non-vaccinated kids be allowed to attend public school? “

I couldn’t even believe the question but I was certainly not prepared for the results of the poll.   Yes, 53% of respondents thought that children whose parents conscientiously object to vaccination should be banned from attending public schools.  I will avoid the obvious problem this addresses about public school in the first place (these people are greatly lacking in an American History or Government education with their blatant lack of understanding of important concepts like “individual freedom,” “religious liberty,” and “public education.”).  The bigger problem is the lack of understanding about vaccines and the diseases they are meant to prevent.

On a positive note, many of the comments on the thread are in favor of freedom of choice to vax (and yet the poll tips the other way – did the “no” people not have anything intelligent to say?).  But, there are plenty of stupid comments like “you have the right to freely practice your religion, but that right stops where my child’s right to a safe school environment begins.”

If you need a refresher on how non-vaccinated kids are not a threat to vaccinated kids…read this post.  I don’t judge people who choose to vaccinate but I whole heartedly believe in the freedom of choice in parenting (which applies to more than medical care, homeschooling for example).  If we don’t have the freedom of deciding what goes into our (or our childrens’) bodies then what freedom do we have?


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