Five for Friday: Guilty Pleasures

Guilty pleasures.  You know those things you love to do but you don’t want to let anyone know you do.  Have you sworn your DH to secrecy?  Does he even know?  What do you do that you wouldn’t put on your Facebook or MySpace pages?

Here are mine:

  1. Mmmmm Bop by Hanson – I simply love this song.  Yes, they actually used this song in a SNL skit as torture but I find it infinitely upbeat.  I play is when I’m home alone and dance like a mad woman.
  2. Cream Cheese Icing on pretzels – In our society liking icing on cake is allowed.  Eating it like a starving woman straight from the tub using a pretzel as a scoop and as a smoke screen to avoid scooping out with your hand – not so acceptable.
  3. Wife Swap – Ok, I generally don’t like reality TV (see #4) and of all the shows this one is a gory crime scene of human drivel.  I. Can’t. Stop. Watching. It.  They always pick families on the “fringe” – uptight drill sergeant dad vs hippie mom that is cultivating the ability to eat only sunshine (no kidding, this was an actual episode) – and these people, who apparently signed up for this experience exibit no willingness to be part of the process.  They are downright uncivil to the person they have agreed to have in their home and completely unwilling to suspend for ONE WEEK their way of life to open their mind to other possibilities.  Does the sign up for this game require this?  “By signing below you agree to be pigheaded, rude, and completely unwilling to experience anything outside of your normal routine.  Making friends or or being civil voids this contract.”
  4. America’s Next Top Model – Sorry, I have no excuse.  It is like watching a makeover show every week.  I like it for the makeup and hair and clothes.  I hang my shallow, girly head in shame.
  5. World of Warcraft – Yes, in my other (MMORPG) life I’m an l33t blood elf rogue valiantly fighting the scourge for the dominion of Azeroth.  ZOMG!  Consider yourself PWN3D!  For the Horde!!
  6. Bonus #6:  As a good feminist I hate products that market by exploiting women.  I avoid using those products and services.  Usually.  But damn if Hooters doesn’t have the best wings on the planet.  Half-nude waitresses and lecherous patrons be damned.  Don’t tell NOW!