Attachment Parenting vs. The Car Seat

It is common parenting knowledge (by word of mouth and almost every childcare book) that a fussy baby will go to sleep if you take them for a drive in the car.  The motion and noise of the car are soothing and baby drops off to slumber land.

yeah right.

I know this is not my experience and I’m wondering if other AP parents have experiences similar to mine.  The car seat, for a child parented with AP principles, is a torture device.  The one time that due to state law she can’t be nursed, held, or comforted by mommy.  She can’t even see mommy.  Consequently she is not a fan of the car seat.  I have had to pull over to change a diaper.  I’ve ridden in the back seat with her to give her a little visual and tactile comfort.  She still looks at me like “why aren’t you holding me?”  Do your AP’d kids like the car seat?

Of course, this nuisance bothers me but also makes me feel more sure of attachment parenting practices.  My daughter is so securely attached and has had her needs met consistently which leads her to not understand this bizarre car experience.  Clearly primate infant care was not designed for forced separation in a vehicle.

The best part?  She is so happy to see me at the end of the trip!


One thought on “Attachment Parenting vs. The Car Seat

  1. Oh my gosh! This is our experience exactly! Our little guy HATES the car seat. I have never met anyone who has nailed it like you did in this post! Can I link in my blog?


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