FIve for Friday: My Husband

5 random things I love about my husband.

  1. He makes the world’s best peanut butter and jelly sandwich – whole wheat white bread, extra crunchy peanut butter, blackberry preserves with seeds, sliced on the diagonal.  mmmmm.
  2. He is smart.  I’ve had people think before that we are unequally matched because I went to graduate school and he has an associates.  In reality that only shows our differing student loan debts!  He is intelligent and we always have the best conversations. (I’ll forgive the fact that he finds finger skateboards interesting).
  3. He is side-splittingly funny.  He can always make me laugh with little silly things he does that no one else would find the least bit funny.
  4. He is sexy.  In so many ways.  Of course I was attracted to him physically when we first met 10 years ago but there are other ways I find him sexy.  Hearing him opine a feminist ideal at a party is such a turn on.  Seeing him with his new baby daughter melts my heart.  Seeing him cry during The Notebook makes me happy to be growing old with him.  Seeing him cry at the end of King Kong makes me want to laugh and hug him delirious.
  5. He sees in me the person I want to be.  He makes me want to be a better person.  I know that sounds corny but it is just so true.  Whoever said marriage is limiting is crazy.  I’m able to fly so much further in life with him as my home base.
What do you love about your partner?