3 Weeks Old

My sweet baby girl! How brave and strong you are. I’m so proud of you, Aellyn. Three weeks ago you were comfortably nestled inside me where the temperature was constant and all your food, oxygen, and waste disposal was taken care of without a thought. I can’t imagine how difficult the last few weeks have been for you. First that first gulp of air! How weird that must have been. And all those bright lights and loud noises. What is that new feeling? Hunger! That was new to you and it keeps on coming back every few hours. Lots of other feelings too – burps, hiccups, gas bubbles, and digestion. It must have been easier in your womb home. You’ve taken it all in stride with your new eyes wide open taking in your world. I’ve watched you unfurl from your tight fetal position as you learn to stretch out your arms and legs. Now you are finding your voice and that it can make sounds besides crying and that your crying can change depending on what you need. Although you will never remember it these have probably been the hardest weeks of your life.

I hope that being always in our arms, sleeping next to us, and nursing whenever you need it is helping you deal with this new world. I hope you can feel that you are loved and will never be alone in your new feelings and experiences. You are our dream come true and we feel honored to get to watch as you discover each new thing.