Early Motherhood

Early motherhood sure makes a bad blogger!  Check out my husband’s version of the birth story on his blog.  But oh, what a week we’ve had!  Here are some of the wonders of early motherhood:

The Good
  • Breastfeeding is awesome!  I was so worried about how hard it would be in the begining – pain and difficulty with Aellyn latching on.  I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop.  Maybe it would hurt when my milk came in?  Maybe my milk wouldn’t come in?  Maybe I wouldn’t have enough supply?  Well it was just a dream.  She latches like a pro and is a wonderful sucker.  We only had one bad night before my milk came in but it came in like clockwork and I’m the dairy cow I always knew I’d be!  And that’s not the half of it.  Breastfeeding is my favorite part of motherhood so far!  It is warm and beautiful and makes me feel so good.  It is amazing to have this new bodily function in the middle of life and it is miraculous to be providing nutrition for my beautiful girl.
  • The football hold.  I always thought this one looked funny but if you have big breasts try it!  It was a life saver.  For the first few days it was the only way I could get a good latch.
  • Side-lying breastfeeding.  This one took a few night too but how great to just lay there and drift back to sleep while she suckles!
  • Aellyn lost most of her cord yesterday.  There is still some crusty stuff there so I don’t know if I can officially say she is a big girl!
  • Grandma!  My mom stayed with us for the first week and she was just wonderful!  She did our laundry and got us organized which really helps!  I think her point about laundry is important.  We usually wait until there is so much laundry that it takes 3 days – doing it as it comes is going to be a must for life with baby!  My mom (and dad too) is such a doting grandma.  It is wonderful to be able to give her such joy.  None of us can stop kissing her.  This is a picture of 3 generations of hands.  I’m holding Aellyn’s little fist and my Mom’s hand is under mine.  Read my poem Hands.

The Bad

  • I have been running a fever for 2 days.  The other night it was 103.  It was awful and scary.  But, I have no symptoms of anything else (no pain in breasts, abdomen, etc.) so we don’t know what it is.  Tylenol keeps the fever down so I’m just treating it and if it doesn’t go away I’ll have to find out what’s going on (uti perhaps).

The Ugly
  • My perfect, angelic daughter projectile poo‘d all over me!  Yes, juicy, yellow, breastfed poop squirting in a 2 ft arc down the front of my shirt.  twice.  LOL!  But ain’t she cute?