2 days to go

Today I saw the midwives again to strip my membranes.  I haven’t dilated any further and my cervix is still hard.  I’ve had contractions non stop for 5 days sometimes as close as 8 min apart but not going anywhere.  Wednesday is my due date.  Thursday is induction day for me.  

It sucks to be undergoing so much interventions but I’m at peace with it.  I want to enjoy my baby’s birth no matter what gets thrown at me.  The most important thing is she is healthy and able to breastfeed well.  I can’t let “hippie guilt” ruin it for me.  It is hard to be crunchy and then need mainstream things.  I mean I’m happy to live in a time with medical care even if I wanted to avoid it.   At least now that I know the likelihood of my going into spontaneous labor is nil I can get over that and start focusing on making the induction experience a wonderful one.
As of now, I’ll go in Wed night for Cervadil to ripen my cervix and Pitocin, if needed, on Thursday.
Oh, and I’m not sure but I think my water broke.  If it is still leaking tomorrow morning I might be going in earlier than Wed.

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