Snow, snow, snow

Picnic anyone?

We have, needless to say, a large amount of snow right now.  DH got stuck in a snow drift yesterday and when I went out to help (like what was I gonna do, right?) I slipped on a patch of ice.  I didn’t go down or do anything that would hurt the baby but I aggravated my symphysis pubis terribly.  I could hardly move last night – sleeping even hurt because it was just throbbing.  Today it is still super sore – I have to take baby, Geisha steps.  If it weren’t the weekend I’d call the chiro for an adjustment.  I hope if I take it easy and do minimal walking even around the house it will calm back down to its dull-throb annoyance level.  I’m so concerned that this pain will get worse with labor but I hear that it actually makes labor easier (since my pubic joint is extra wide as a result.)
I started last night with Evening Primrose Oil (EPO) vaginally as well as orally (which I’ve been doing for a few weeks) – this is supposed to get my cervix going with dilation and effacement.  I’m taking 3 Red Raspberry Leaf (RRL) capsules per day also (these strengthen uterine muscles).  Anything to not be induced!  I’m planning on acupuncture if I’m still pregnant on 2/9.

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