Non-Stress Test at the Birth Center

Had my first non-stress test at the Birth Center today and it was really worth it.  I was there for hours since they take it like a hospital admission and are very thorough – but the test itself was so much easier.  They place that monitor on my stomach and it just instantly picks up her heartbeat.  Sometimes I had to strain to hear it but the machine was picking it up perfectly.  In the office we could all hear the heartbeat loud and clear but the machine wasn’t getting it.  I imagine that this is costing my insurance co. more money (awww, poor babies) but honestly, they need up to date equipment in the office.  I’m happy that everyone took my feelings seriously and didn’t tell me to “suck it up.”

My blood pressure was high which tends to be a problem each week.  After trying to relax and lying on my left side it goes down.  I think the more resting I do the better.  I certainly don’t want to develop toxemia.  However, my urine samples are always good – no protein, sugar, or leukocytes.  Aellyn is always really active.  I hear some women don’t feel their babies move much.  Not me.  She’s a kicking, squirming machine.  God, I love her.