My move to Blogger

This may seem off topic but honestly blogging has been such an important part of my infertility journey – bringing me virtual hugs from IF sisters in my despair and cheers when I got pregnant.  I did decide to move to blogger because wordpress if very limited in their free accounts.  I’ve wanted to do this for a LONG time but there was no way to easily do it (one of the annoying things about blog platforms and portability).  Well, I finally came across this utility program that imports your exported wordpress file to an importable blogger file!  It was a miracle and it was free!  The only limitation is it must by less than 1MB which mine was not, so I cut the file in half and did it in two parts.  This took my posts, tags (categories), and comments (keeping my comments was very important to me!).  Try it out:  WordPress2Blogger Utility.

If you have never blogged I would really recommend it.  Even if no one ever reads it – it is very theraputic for you to “journal.”  Then adding the wonderful commenters and fellow bloggers (see: cyclesistas) is just icing on the cake.  Lastly, I’m creating a memorial for my children to know how loved they were before I met them!