You Must Have Been a Beautiful Baby

We had an ultrasound today and the u/s tech switched to 3D!  I didn’t even know they had that.  I can see why people pay for this – in 4D, when she was moving in time it was amazing!  Of course these grainy pictures could never do justice to seeing it in real time.  Look at those chubby baby cheeks!

She is weighing 6 1/3 lbs. so not too big or small!  I also talked to the OB about my stress with the non-stress tests and she is going to order them for the Birth Center with the new equipment!


4 thoughts on “You Must Have Been a Beautiful Baby

  1. Just be aware that 3D ultrasound is much stronger than the regular ones used. They win people over because they’re more visually appealing, but that’s the only positive. She does look very cute though! I know the wait is hard. The last month was very emotional for me because I was so ready to finally see my little girl.


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