Erin Brockovich takes on Gardasil

This vaccine has only been on my peripheral radar because they aren’t trying to shoot up my infant with it (yet).  But, I do have friends and family with young daughters approaching the age where their doctor may insist they need this poison.

Reasons NOT to get the Gardasil vaccine for your daughter:

  1. It is NOT the most effective way to avoid or find Cervical Cancer. 
    Cervical Cancer is one of the most easily detected cancers to find early and treat well.  The answer is yearly pap tests.  Even if you get the vaccine you still need yearly pap tests.  Pap tests do not have poisons like Gardasil does.
  2. It is NOT a cancer vaccine
    This is a horrible marketing scheme that borders on (or has crossed the line to) being blatant mis-information.  Gardasil is NOT a cancer vaccine.  It is a vaccine intended to protect against a virus called HPV which is believed to cause some types of cervical cancer.  A+B does NOT equal Q.
  3. It is a mildly effective vaccine at best
    There are 150 known types of human papilloma virus (HPV).  Of the 150 types there are 15 considered high risk and 3 probable high risk for developing into cervical cancer.  According to the American Cancer Society, other risk factors for cervical cancer include  smoking, HIV infection, chlamydia infection, dietary factors, hormonal contraception, multiple pregnancies, exposure to the hormonal drug diethylstilbestrol (DES) and a family history of cervical cancer.  Gardasil protects against 4 types of HPV.  Two types that can cause genital warts and another 2 types that are high risk for cervical cancer.  Crunch some numbers and Gardasil hardly seems to be the holy grail of cervical cancer safety. 
  4. It is a deadly vaccine at worst
    The Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) has logged over 9,749 adverse reactions after receiving Gardasil.  The CDC states that VAERS consists of only 1-10% of actual cases.  The FDA approved Gardasil in June of 2006…these VAERS numbers are from June 2008.  At that time 20 deaths had been reported.  Other serious reactions include Guillian Barre syndrome, seizures, pulmonary embolism, thombrosis, as well as fainting, nausea, and vomiting.  Another wonderful side effect is developing genital warts which has been reported in 78 cases.  According to the Merck product manufacturer insert, there was 1 case of juvenile arthritis, 2 cases of rheumatoid arthritis, 5 cases of arthritis, and 1 case of reactive arthritis out of 11,813 Gardasil recipients.
  5. It was approved without adequate testing
    Initial testing will be complete on Gardasil in September of 2009…3 years after its approval.  NO LONG TERM STUDIES have been conducted.  The manufacturer does not even know how long the vaccine will protect girls. 
  6. The average age of Cervical Cancer diagnosis is 48
  7. Most infections with HPV clear up on their own  
    “The vast majority of women clear or suppress HPV to levels not associated with CIN II or III and for most women this occurs promptly.  The duration of HPV positivity (which is directly related to the likelihood of developing a high grade lesion or cervical cancer) is shorter, and the likelihood of clearance is higher, in younger women.”3 Seventy percent of women clear the virus spontaneously after 18 months and 90 % clear the virus after 2 years.4  Vaccinating children against HPV with a vaccine that is of unknown duration of efficacy may only postpone their exposure to an age which they are less likely clear the infection on their own and be subject to more severe disease, including the cervical cancer which the vaccine is supposedly preventing. This would require an unknown number of boosters and is a setup for complacency in the older population that is a recipe for disaster (source).” 

Erin Brockovich (yes that one from the movie with Julia Roberts) is researching for a class action law suit against Merck, Gardasil’s manufacturer.  If you believe you or your child had an adverse effect visit her site for more information.


35 thoughts on “Erin Brockovich takes on Gardasil

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  2. WOW, I was JUST talking with my co-worker about this yesterday!!! I am not going to allow Ceiba to get this shot, mainly because of the lack of long term research….I didn’t even know about most of those side effects, I had heard about some deaths though….Thanks for the info. I don’t know how I am going to fight the schools down here, they won’t let you in without shots….:(


  3. Yes, please avoid getting this vaccince. My daughter is among the thousands of young women across the country (and around the globe) who has experienced an adverse reaction to it. Be ‘one less’ woman to be duped by Merck’s slick ‘one less’ campaign.


  4. my daughter took the 3 gardasil shots 2 years ago. she has developed endocrinolgic issues such as high testertorone, cortisol and all imbalance issues according to that area. her throid apparantly is normal. my question is have you had any other inquireies with these specific maladies addressed?
    the doctors want me to go further to see if its polycystic ovarian syndrome or a tumor on her pituatary gland via MRI’s.


  5. Hi Stephanie,

    I am sorry to hear about your daughter’s illness. My daughter had 2 of the 3 shots and developed epilepsy.

    I belong to a yahoo group “let’s talk about gardasil’ and many members’ daughters have similar symtoms to your daughters. Visit the site and see for yourself.


  6. Hi Stephanie,

    I am sorry to hear about your daughter. Visit the yahoo group
    “lets talk about Gardasil”. Many of the members have symptoms similar to your daughters.

    All the best to you.


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  8. My 21 yr old daughter has just been diagoned with low/mid grade hpv…she has had yearly pap/pelvic exams since she was 14..always her last visit..they convinced her to start the Gardisil shots…within 2 months she was having pain/bleeding etc. After another pelvic exam and a colposcopy she was diagnosed with the above. She will have a Leep procedure in March but we’ve been told it is most likely cervical cancer and she most likely will not ever have children. We have no idea where to go or who to turn to…if anyone has any advice we welcome it all. Thank you so much.


    • My daughter had hpv and they did the leep procedure. It did not work. We went to a different dr and was told that in 90%+ cases of hpv the body can heal itself. She had to go to doctor every 6 months and at 1 year was free of hpv with no treatment. She is pregnant with 6th child. You may want a 2nd opinion before the procedure.


  9. I am one of the many that has been affected by Gardasil. I first received the shot in August of 2007, and 3 wks later had an episode in my car, unfortunately no one was there to witness what happened, so the doctors were just calling it a syncope. Then I had the 2nd shot in October 2007, and 3 wks later had a witnessed seizure. After calculating the times I had my shots and the seizures, I realized that the Gardasil was the cause and decided not to go back for the 3rd dose. Since first receiving the vaccine I have had 5 seizures. I am on medication and have had tons of tests, and everything has came back normal. I have talked about the Gardasil being a possible cause, but my concerns have been pretty much ignored. I don’t know what to do, but I know that I am not alone, and I am horrified to say that I am one of the luckier ones affected. I am just so sick of seeing the commercials and people still saying that it is a safe drug. I just wish that they could walk in one of our shoes for a day and see how they like the effects since taking this vaccine and being “one less”.


    • My daughter received one dose 8/25/2010 and actually had her first seizure in the Dr. Office. She had never had anything like that happen before. They told me it was not a seizure, that it was her “fainting” because of the needle. Well, fainting does not cause seizure symptoms, incredible strength and it was absolutely a seizure! Well, at the end of September she could not feel her legs, they felt all tingly and had no strength, we were in and out of the hospital the entire month of October and I spent every weekend in a hospital, so they could run every test ( did a spinal puncture, with not blood patch that almost killed her) known to man. She is now almost 22 years old and s on anti-seizure medicine and they are treating her for MS. If I could take back 8/25/2010, I would in a HEARTBEAT!


  10. Dear Nicole,

    Did you report your events to VAERS and Merck? If not you must. It’s absolutely necessary that we take advantage of the systems (even if they provide little) offered as a way of standing up to be counted. Access the VAERS (vaccine event reporting system) at the CDC’s Website. Merck has an 800 number to call. And also, please visit the yahoo group “lets talk about gardasil’…you’ll get great support there.

    God Bless you Nicole. I’m sorry you’re going through this.


  11. My daughter Jessica died about 40 hours after her 3rd Gardasil vaccine. The autopsy found no reason for her death. I know it was Gardasil that killed my daughter. We all need to keep writing and e-mailing everyone we know to get the word out about this poison.


  12. My formerly healthy daughter, Chris, also died just 18 days after her third shot of Gardasil. She has a lot number in common with at least one other girl who also died after Gardasil. Both deaths are “unexplained.” What are the odds of that? Pathologists have no test for Gardasil,so they are left to label such deaths as , “undetermined”. Then the CDC uses the “undetermined” lable to justify why Gardasil is “safe.” Humm, so as long as you don’t investigate to see if there is a causal connection, the CDC can continue to say there is no causal connection because pathologists can’s find one, albeit there is no test pathologist’s can do for Gardasil! Whatever happened to objective science? If you have lost a daughter following shots of Gardasil, let me hear from you at .


  13. Hello, my name is melynda and i was just told about this not to long ago from a doctor who could not tell me nothing about it, how can a doctor not know what the side affects are and not know any cases about it. that dont help the people make there mind up about it anytime soon and when i read everyones storys it makes me sick that this type of drug is still on the shelf out there for more ppl to get hurt.


  14. My daughter, Victoria, has been ill since February 2008.

    Here is some history. My daughter had her first Gardasil vaccination November 2007. Her second vaccination was in the beginning of February 2008. Immediately after her second vaccination, Victoria experienced severe diarrhea and was nauseous for about eight weeks. She had blood work done many times and doctors thought she had a virus. On March 31, 2008, she had her first seizure. My daughter has treated with many neurologists, all of whom have not related her seizures to Gardasil. Meanwhile, there are quite a few hundred people that I have found over the internet through my numerous postings and through Erin Brockovich, and their daughters are all experiencing the same symptoms, which occurred after the Gardasil vaccination. We have actually formed a group and share our daughters’ stories, symptoms and information. My daughter has had CT scans, MRI’s, MRA’s, EEG’s, blood work and was hospitalized at an epilepsy center in the video EEG monitoring unit for two separate weeks in May 2008 and September 2008. She was put on many different seizure medications. After the normal EEG results, she was taken off all medications. Her SED rate has always been high and she does have protein in her urine, but doctors do not seem concerned. I was told that her red blood are small, but this apparently is not concerning either.

    My daughter has been seen by several neurologists, a psychiatrist, psychologist, several neuropsychologists, an immunologist, several infectious disease doctors, and also treated a at Wellness Center for a period of time. Wellness Center physicians believe that my daughter may have Lyme disease that was dormant until the Gardasil vaccine. Infectious disease doctors differ. Which doctors are correct? I have no idea.

    My daughter currently experiences the following symptoms: non-epileptic seizures, migraines, fainting, tremors, twitches, numbness, intermittent leg paralysis and facial paralysis, tingling, staring or blank episodes, eye pain, joint pain, neck pain, back pain, memory loss, confusion, brain fog, regression, mood swings and chronic fatigue. She continues to have bouts of nausea and diarrhea. She has not been in school since April 2008. My daughter can never be left home alone. She can’t go to school, go out with her friends or work or has little “normalcy” in her life. She has very few good days and always says she doesn’t feel good.

    I do not know which way to turn for help. We have seen so many doctors and I can’t seem to find anyone willing to help my daughter. There are so many other young girls who have the same exact symptoms as my daughter and the one thing that all of the girls seem to have in common is the Gardasil vaccination.

    We are on a fixed income, as most people, and we have expended many thousands of dollars in an effort to seek medical opinions and assistance. Although we do have medical insurance, it is very difficult to find doctors willing to treat my daughter who will accept our HMO. Also, there are no “traditional medical doctors” who will relate my daughter’s symptoms to Gardasil as I am told “there is not enough information available” about the vaccine and doctors believe it to be “safe” . The vaccine has been available for less than three years. Meanwhile, there are some doctors who are making the correlation between Gardasil and many of the girls’ symptoms. However, the only doctors I know of right now are in California and Kansas. Other doctors are willing to “try” treatment, most of which is “homeopathic” in nature and extremely costly. Once again, I must reiterate that there are so many other young girls experiencing negative symptoms.

    Each and every night, I check on my daughter many times in the middle of the night to make sure she is still breathing (like we ALL did when they were babies). I have a chime on her bedroom door so that every time she opens it, I know she has walked out of her room. I had a deadbolt put on the front door of our home with a key that can be removed from the inside. I never leave the key in the door for fear that Victoria will be confused after a seizure or when she has memory loss, and leave our home. (This has happened many times and she has been missing). When she is in the shower, I have to either stand outside the door and/or keep asking her “are you okay?”

    Each day, I cry and wonder if Victoria will be next one to die from adverse reactions to Gardasil.

    We are in desperate need of medical treatment for my daughter. I have run out of ideas, doctors to treat with and finances have dwindled. I do not know which direction to turn. Any thoughts are most appreciated, especially from the medical community.

    Please feel free to forward this information.

    Thank you.

    Jodi Speakman
    (267) 939-0591

    P.S. My daughter’s story is posted on the NVIC website. /14/investigate-gardasil-vaccine-risks-now id=547704835&share_id=76759221290#s76759221290


  15. My 13 year old Daughter has had 2 shots and she will NOT be getting her 3rd due to all of you and your information…I thank you all. My heart goes out to you who are suffering, you are in my prayers.
    Although I have not seen any of the symptoms that are talked about I have noticed an unexplained 20lb. weight gain. Has anyone experienced an unexplained sudden weight gain?

    Thank you.


  16. My 22-yr-old daughter coincidently got her first Gardisil shot in July of 2007 when started Nuva-ring birth control. In February of 2008 she suffered a pulmonary embolism and spent 4 days in the hospital. Thankfully she fully recovered. Everyone assumed the PE was caused by the birth control. It was not until today that I discovered there was a link to the vaccine. Ironically, she was given the 2nd and 3rd Gardisil shots during the six-month period following her embolism when she was on Coumidin. I am in total shock about this, and so grateful that she got swift medical attention and survived.


  17. My daughter started having strange symptoms after her second Gardasil shot. She has had hives for over 1 1/2 years…painful joints… and it is all autoimmune related… this vaccine needs to be studied further before we all start insisting our daughters get it. We are still trying to solve the puzzle of my daughter’s symptoms… being a teen is hard enough without all of this on top of it…


  18. How bad does it have to get before we stand up and say NO more! Gardasil is showing very clearly what ALL vaccines have always done, hurt many, many thousands of people in ways we can–and cannot–immediately see.

    Formaldehyde is used in the lab to graft foreign proteins into /onto DNA. Now with the foreign proteins, viral particles, and contamination in all vaccines, PLUS the grafting formaldehyde and other toxins, what do you think these vaccines for the last 50 years have done to our genome?

    Certainly with the onslaught of acute and chronic illness (and milder brain damage like ADHD, Autism, Learning disabilities) one cannot argue that, overall, humanity is better off after vaccines. We’re in a weakened state. And what’s worse is that people willingly line up for these poisons. What a snow job. All they had to do was implant the cultural beliefs that ‘vaccines are safe” and “vaccines are lifesaving” and shebam all humanity. Now before you go calling me a conspiracy theorist you read The Virus And The Vaccine and google Edward Bernays before responding. You’ll learn a thing or two.

    Now, people, Listen next time someone says Just wait, do your homework, consider not Vaccinating.

    We have only your health, welfare, and no less than the Future of Humanity in mind.


  19. wow. gardisil killz.litterally.

    the dr.came 2 grade6 today.she talked about chicken pox,hep.b, and hpv.intotal i need 8 shots.CREEPY!!!mom wont let me.good.some people in my class r being FORCED to get shots.the dr. said i need called the dr. a zomby.



  20. So glad that I just had this information. I am so honnor to be part of your project if I can say.
    My daugther Annabelle died 14 days after her second shot. 15 days after her first shot. She suddendly out of now where. Became like if she had consumme a overdose of pills or alcool.
    She had problem to stand on her feet, could not speak and did not know her name. I went to the emergency room where she spend the night. She spend the night throing up. Her stomac was as it had poising. In the morning the declarer a migraine I was very upset so I ask a scan, and nothing show on it. And life when back to normal until december 9th, she went to take her bath making jokes before entering, and 30 minutes later she had died in silence. I am leaving the group that I created to inform other of the danger of that vaccin ang to be aware of side effects and the make the link. If anybody had ask the right question I would not be writing this and my Annabelle would be a lovely young women going on 17 years old. So if I cant do anything to help you please contact me.!/group.php?gid=73407864812

    This the group.
    Linda Morin


  21. Hello everyone-my niece was about to graduate high school, working part-time, never did drugs, never drank alcohol, and actually never participated in behaviors that were considered risks per she. Corey was full of life and laughter….yes, was! Corey was found in bed less than a month ago deceased! Autopsy results have been unsuccessful as to why she died and are still pending what could be weeks. The only facts that we have are two injections she had two weeks prior, Gardisil and pneumoccal vaccines, one in each arm! Mothers who still have surviving teens are so blessed because you still have time with your girls whereas my niece had no chance, no warning, nothing…We cannot do anything about Corey except hold onto our memories and enduring love for her AND educate others about the possible deadly side effects of this drug……–


  22. Hello everyone-my niece was about to graduate high school, working part-time, never did drugs, never drank alcohol, and actually never participated in behaviors that were considered risks per se. Corey was full of life and laughter….yes, was! Corey was found in bed less than a month ago deceased! Autopsy results have been unsuccessful as to why she died and are still pending what could be weeks. The only facts that we have are two injections she had two weeks prior, Gardisil and pneumoccal vaccines, one in each arm! Mothers who still have surviving teens are so blessed because you still have time with your girls whereas my niece had no chance, no warning, nothing…We cannot do anything about Corey except hold onto our memories and enduring love for her AND educate others about the possible deadly side effects of this drug……


  23. i was wondering what is going on with the a law suit? My daughter fell ill after her second shot in November of 2007. Do any of these girls get a chance to find peace in knowing others will not be injured by this vaccine?


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  25. Great article and great to know that Erin Brockovich is going to do something about it, but I think that she will be unscuccessful in sueing the drug company because of the federal legislation granting them immunity. I do think that maybe class action lawsuit against the Dr.s and schools that are pushing the vaccines might be the only way to get them to stop the vaccine here. I do hope she can get Big pharma but mostly, they will just get a slap on the wrist and dole out some money and work on another vaccine they can push onto people and get rich…they are in bed with the CDC and wall street so it’s a win-win for them. They all are getting so rich on it, and it just isn’t here, it’s world wide, and clinking their glasses in celebration because our government gave them immunity, and so the only recourse is the secret vaccine court. Anyway, please fix the link because I shared this on facebook and want those who have had this shot and suffered to find Erin and get on board with this deal.


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