My Parents Rock

If you’ve ever seen my mom’s comments you know she rocks.  My dad is awesome too.  They both so easily accept all my “crazy” notions about parenting!  I never have an uphill battle with them about my choices.  They are open minded and super cool and willing to learn and change.  I think I’ve convinced them to stop getting flu vaxes for example.  So last night, my dad says out of the blue to my mom “do we use green cleaners?”  mom: “no”  dad: “well we should with the baby being around and all!”  

Wow, huh?  Progressive!  I’m so proud.

That leads me to my New Year’s resolution!

Last year we started buying “green” products but stopped when it got too expensive.  So, this year we are going to make our own green cleaners!  I found this great site to help plan a Green Cleaning Party!  You get a bunch of people together and make cleaners from the recipes on the site, put them in cute bottles, decorate the labels and what not.  You can clean almost anything with water, vinegar, and baking soda and it is CHEAP!  No yucky chemicals and toxic odors.  Plus, did I mention it is CHEAP???  I’ll document here how it goes throughout the year.

Join me in this Resolution and my other:  I took Deepak Chopra’s Vow of Non-Violence and you can too.  Let’s be the change we want to see in the world!


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