Vaccinations: NOT Mandatory

I realized I never explained that you can get exemptions for “mandatory” vaccinations for your kids.  All 50 states have some exemption.  Exemptions fall into 3 categories:

Medical – requires doctor exemption based on health.  For example if you are allergic to an ingredient in a vaccine.

Philosophical – any personally held beliefs.

Religious – any religious beliefs.  

Each state is different as far as how hard they make it to get an exemption.  In NY I hear that you have to “prove” you belong to a religion with a problem with vax.  Silly if you ask me since religious beliefs are by nature personal and not institutional.  In Ohio it isn’t that hard.  In my opinion religious exemption is a little more “safe” in our country (as far as them snatching that right from you).  If you live in Mississippi or West Virginia you are only allowed a medical exemption.  My opinion – move!  🙂

Find your states exemptions and rates of exemption here.


One thought on “Vaccinations: NOT Mandatory

  1. I think vaccinations are only mandatory in MS if your kids go to day care or school — preserving “herd immunity” I guess. If you home school, who’s to know? Most of the people I know home-school and don’t vax at all, or only selectively, late, etc. My brother had to vax his kids (late, and playing catch-up) when he put them in day-care at 4 & 5 (his wife died of cancer). I didn’t receive most or any of my vaccinations as a child because I had a heart condition and had two surgeries, so I had a medical waiver. You can also find doctors who will selectively vaccinate, don’t have a problem with you going slow, waiting, etc.


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