Retail Therapy

Every-time I go to Burlington Coat Factory I think “why don’t I shop here more often?”   For some reason I always forget.  They really have great stuff and their prices are out of this world.  And, guess what? They have maternity!  I was just looking because I didn’t want to spend money on more maternity clothes.  Well, I found a great dressy top to wear at Christmas for $5.99!  It is a plum color with satin accents and a square neckline.  It is really cute and so cheap!  I also got the most comfortable nursing bra I’ve found yet for…wait for it…$7.99!  I paid 30 for my other one (DD/E are not cheap).  It was such a great bargain.  Maybe this time I can remember to shop at Burlington more often.

I wrapped all my presents yesterday.  Since we didn’t decorate this year (since I’m useless) the packages are a nice punch of chirstmassy.  I’m so looking forward to Christmas Eve and Day.


One thought on “Retail Therapy

  1. This may sound off-the-wall, but have you considered going braless? I made that change almost 6 years ago, but had tried to find a good nursing/sports bra to use once my DD was born. I did find a good sports bra, but wow, when you’re establishing milk supply, changing sides every 15 minutes, restrictions can be so irritating. I finally went braless again and it’s been great ever since.

    You might be worried about leaking. Once your supply is properly established, you’ll probably only leak while you’re sleeping or when your baby cries. We didn’t go out much early on anyway, so it wasn’t really a bother.

    It’s up to you and you’re probably used to bras. I just remember getting frustrated over it. Then I discussed it with a friend of mine who was also BFing her 7 month old and learned she was going braless. Go figure…

    And hey…if you haven’t already researched BFing, you might want to at least lurk around La Leche League’s forum and/or check out for the right information. Don’t trust doctors or lactation consultants/nurses not from LLL like I did. You can also email me if you need any advice/support. 🙂


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