Found a Pediatrician!

Yesterday was such a good day!  We had an appointment in the morning with Dr. Lavin of Advanced Pediatrics in Beachwood, Ohio.  He was wonderful and our search is finally over!  I told him my primary concern was having a doctor who was willing to work with us even if we didn’t vaccinate.  He at first talked about MMR and autism (which I’m realizing most people see as the “reason” people don’t vax).  His studies, which he had typed up into a report, show that autism is completely out of hand but NOT being caused by the MMR vaccine.  He cited a Denmark study, I’ll try to find it.  However, I told him that the MMR/autism link was not my reason for not vaxing but that I honestly believe people *should* get measles, mumps, and rubella.  He agreed.  We talked about Chicken pox and how we were throwing nature out of balance with the vaccine.  He agreed.  I said my infant does not need Hep B.  He agreed.  Overall it was a great conversation.  He said he tries not to be a slave to a certain ideology and that his job was to give me information so that I could do my job of making the best decisions for my daughter!  We also talked about our IVF experience and he totally “got” it.  This is important to me.  When I tell someone that it took us 9 years to get where we are I want them to see how that might effect our decisions.  He acknowledged how special our little girl was going to be!

And boy is she special.  We got to see her again at our ultrasound yesterday afternoon.  We got to see her face and her little hands.  She had a full bladder and then she peed and we saw it!  It was so cute!  LOL.  I’ll post pics as soon as I can scan them.  I also had a non-stress test which I’ll get every week from now on.  I think that is overkill for gestational diabetes but I’m playing nice so I can stay with the midwives.  Baby is firmly head down but her legs are all bent up so I’m not getting rib kicks at all.  Of course I can’t breathe at all.  I have to lean my seat back in the car to be able to breathe!  8 more weeks!  She said they don’t like to let GD patients go past their due date.  I’ve decided not to argue now, we’ll see how it goes.  If it comes down to induction I’ll take in some studies about the lack of improved outcomes with induction for GD and plead my case then.  I feel like I am walking a tight line between being the pushy patient and staying with the midwives.  I DO NOT WANT THE OBs TO DELIVER MY BABY!  That is goal #1.  Goal #2 is anything relating to Aellyn after she’s born – no vit K, no eye drops, no hepB vaccine, etc.  So I’m convincing myself that my “birth experience” take the #3 slot.  I need to let some of that go and focus on what really matters.

I got tagged by Wishing for One!  I love getting tagged and I’ll work on that next.


3 thoughts on “Found a Pediatrician!

  1. You saw her pee! I didn’t know they did that before birth. That’s amazing. She has beautiful bone structure and to steel a line from Billy Crystal “I already know I love her”


  2. You may be interested in the blog (I won’t do the link because I’m afraid it would make my comment go to spam), if you’d like some information on vaccines — they may even have a link to the study you mentioned, but I don’t know that for sure.


  3. Man, how cool to see her pee??? Can’t wait to see pics….so I guess I am lost, why no vaccines? Are they dangerous? Sorry if i missed post, but this is important and I would love to know. xoxoxox


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