I had a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday.  Our family rents a cabin-like hall for all the people who come.  It is really great to get so many people together.  This year I am thankful for,

  1. The blessing of Partnership for Families and Dr. Cynthia Austin for referring us for the grant.  
  2. For the miracle of God and modern science that makes IVF possible.
  3. For my family for standing by me and supporting me during the hard years and sharing our joy during this wonderful year.
  4. For my job that is so rewarding and yet so accommodating when life circumstances warrant.

I had my appt. with the diabetes educator this morning.  I feel much better having a “plan.”  I got a glucometer to check my sugar levels so I should be able to keep track of how I’m doing.  The food plan isn’t too hard it is more about spacing out my carbs and not eating too many at one time so it isn’t that restrictive.  I was eating pretty well anyways I think my primary problem was that I intentionally switched to sugar because I didn’t want to have aspertame while I was pregnant.  Kind of counterintuitive.  So I’ve checked my sugar 3 times so far and it has been excellent.  Even after my normal breakfast of cheerios and milk (which can be a trigger for some).  So, it is all good.  When I start to worry Aellyn kicks me to remind me what it is all about.


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