Odds and Ends

Welcome to a disjointed, random post.

  1. The chiropractor has me on a 9 week plan to reduce my pain and realign my pelvis.  The thing is that it makes it hurt MORE before it makes it feel better.  I don’t know if I should hope to be pain free or just not worsen so that it doesn’t effect my labor and delivery.  
  2. I ordered my breast pump from Ameda. If you are shopping for a pump, don’t settle for Medela.  Medela Pump In Style is a great pump and easily available because it is sold in retail stores.  However, you pay for it!  Ameda is better, in my opinion, because it has more speeds and suction strengths, a completely closed system so you don’t have to wash the tubing, and it is BPA free.  But, best of all in is $150-200!  That’s a big savings.  You just have to buy it online (Google: Ameda).  I think Ameda also makes Lasinoh’s breast pump but I’m not positive.  Read the reviews in Baby Bargains for more about breast pumps.
  3. It is snowing!  The night before last we slept with the bedroom window open – In NOVEMBER! – and today it is snowing.  I love winter.  I think it is very beautiful and gets a really bad rap mostly because DRIVING in winter is a pain.  Winter itself is cozy and beautiful.
  4. My sister and my mom got to feel Aellyn move yesterday.  She wouldn’t kick for dad though.
  5. Speaking of parents – I can’t believe how much being pregnant makes me want to be around my parents.  I mean I have great parents and I love them all the time; but now I would be over there every night if I lived closer.  I think it is a combination of feeling all this love and being around people that are as excited (and singularly focused) about the baby as I am.
  6. I LOVE being involved in Cycle Sistas (see link on sidebar).  Someone actually called me a “hero” the other day because I help run the site (I wasn’t one of the ones who started it).  It was humbling.  I remember how Cycle Sistas felt like my lifeline when I was going through cycles.  Reading other women’s blogs about the ups and downs made me feel less isolated.  I’m honored to be able to help future sisters find their cycle buddies with this site.  All the women bloggers out there going through IF are the true heros!

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