I’m so bored I want to cry!  It isn’t that I don’t have things to do but I miss the PEOPLE!!  I’m an extrovert, I need my peeps.  

But really, I’m so grateful that I have the opportunity to work from home and continue to get a paycheck while on bedrest.  I know many people don’t have that option.  What if I was a Nurse or a Teacher?  I would be going broke and doing I don’t know what (welfare, disability?).  I feel blessed by God that my situation with the SPD doesn’t make me have to choose between work or my health.  I can do both!

That being said, here is a list of good things and bad things about telecommuting:

The Good:

  1. I’m in my jammies
  2. I haven’t brushed my hair
  3. I have a kitchen full of food and can eat when I want
  4. I only have to walk to the kitchen or bathroom, greatly reducing my pain
  5. I can get all kinds of stuff done that there is never time for at the office
  6. Telecons – a little interaction, thank God!

The Bad:

  1. I’m craving interaction!
  2. I have to do a lot more work because I have to report to my boss every day (no socializing days or “cleaning out email” days!)
  3. Telecons – still feel disconnected, worried about sniffling or coughing.  Is everyone making faces at me?

The Ugly:

  1. Did I mention I haven’t brushed my hair and that I’m wearing the SAME jammies?  ewww.

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