Linea Nigra

DH discovered that I have a faint Linea Nigra (Latin for “black line” see example on the left)!  This is a dark line that runs vertically through the abdomen during pregnancy.  I didn’t think I’d get one because I’m so fair and it is really faint but it is exciting to me to have one!  I love the little signs of pregnancy.  Each one makes it more real and amazing.

I’m up at 5 AM again because I was hungry.  It is so funny that I’m a marathon sleeper and something as simple as hunger could trump sleep.  Practice for new motherhood?

Mom.  Isn’t that a cool word?  Someone is going to call me that soon (ok, it will be a while and I’m probably have to sit through the “da da da” stage but you know what I mean).  It is kind of surreal.  I’m lucky to have such a great example of how to do this amazing new job in my mom.  DH will learn all kinds of good stuff from my dad too since his passed away when he was younger.  My whole family has so much love that Aellyn will just be in a cocoon of it.

If we can just stop ourselves from spoiling her rotten!


One thought on “Linea Nigra

  1. Aellyn will be so articulate and kind and such a citizen of the world because her parents are mature in they’re experiences. We are so open to whatever she may bring to our lives. We lover her so already.


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