I Can't Wait…to enjoy autumn hikes

So I’ve been a terrible blogger lately. I’m going to blame it on this being my favorite time of the year. I love autumn. Right now we are just pre-peak – all the trees have their leaves and some are still green which makes a perfect contrast to the yellows and reds. It looks like the trees are on fire. I’m going to post pictures of our walk in Cuyahoga Falls National Park…um…soon…promise.


Wow, was that a craptacular excuse for a blog post. Let me finish.

When I was a kid we would go hiking near our house (note to self: kids don’t NEED Orlando – this was a vacation to me). Mom and Dad would have my sister and I run ahead to “scout” the trail. In hindsight this was probably their attempt to get some alone time or have that elusive marital thing called a “conversation.” For us though it was great fun. We would run ahead until there was a bridge or other obstruction and then run back to Mom and Dad to warn them about it. Not only did we think what we were doing was greatly important but we were getting double the workout. I’m sure Mom and Dad loved how easily we slept after these hikes.

I still love to hike and I hope to help Aellyn love it too. Here are some pics from our hike the other day.

“]CVNP - Cuyahoga River

CVNP - Cuyahoga River


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