Hello Baby!

Last night DH and I were lying in bed and Aellyn kicked me hard enough to startle me. It didn’t hurt but it was just 10x harder than she normally kicks so it scared the crap out of me! I jumped and DH was like “what the heck?” I’m like “your daughter just belted me one!” LOL. I know this won’t be so funny when it is in the ribs and hurts more as she gets bigger but for now it is soooo cool!

Want to laugh?  Check out this cool video originally posted by Wishing4One.


4 thoughts on “Hello Baby!

  1. Aww.. thats so great you are feeling your first good kicks, its very exciting. And..its true it becomes a little less funny the harder and more painful they get, but they are still amazing, a constant reminder of this little human being growing inside you. I had my first 4-D ultrasound today at 37 weeks, there are NO words to describe how incredible they are. If there is any way you can have the 4-D ultrasound done, you should absolutely go for it. Wishing you the best of luck and a beautiful pregnancy, enjoy every moment 😀


  2. Paige: Pete dropped the pic. over to me today and gave me this web address. The baby’s room looks awesome. I love the black and white. Good luck to you guys. What a wonderful time for the both of you. Keep me posted.



  3. Hey guys, the room looks great and how awesome is that ultrasound!!!! You are truly blessed.
    As I was reading through previous posts I got teary a few times reliving the moments and I cant tell you how happy I am for you guys. YOU DID IT!!!!!!!!! YEAH!

    p.s. keep us in mind for future babysitting. 🙂


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