Talking Heads

It is amazing to me how your body talks to you when you are pregnant.  I mean, your body tells you things all the time, but when you are pregnant it really steps up the communication.  It says things like:

  1. I have to pee.  RIGHT NOW.
  2. That was disgusting.  NEVER eat it again.
  3. You think that hurts?  Try sitting at your computer without moving for an hour again and I’ll show you hip pain.
  4. You are hungry.  Eat something.  Now

And that would be why I’m up at 5AM.  Either my box of cheerios is performing mind control or my body needed food IMMEDIATELY.  I’ll try to keep this overwhelming insistence of my body in mind when my infant can’t sleep more than 2 hours.  I’m sure her body is telling her.  Eat.  Now.  Cry.


9 thoughts on “Talking Heads

  1. That is good way to think about it! I woke up this morning STARVING – after having a big dinner followed by ice cream last night. I laid there for a while, and was like – but I CAN’T be hungry. And the baby was pretty damn sure I was, lol. So I go up and had some granola.


  2. Happy ICLW and congrats! Pregnancy is crazy! I needed chocolate milk with my kids. And not white milk mixed with chocolate syrup. I mean the swiss style chcolate milk. I drank gallons every week. My poor hubby made more than 1 emergency chocolate milk runs to the grocery store. Good thing we lived so close! Enjoy your pregnancy, looks like you are half way there!


  3. Bodies tell us all kinds of things – the question is, do we listen?

    I remember the middle of the night trips to the loo… does that ever end once it begins? LOL

    Good luck with everything. Looks like things are going marvelously for you.



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