Childbirth Fair

The hospital where my birthing center is located had a “Healthy Babies” fair this weekend.  My mom and dad came with me and DH.  We got to tour the birthing center and seeing it again was fantastic.  All the things that you might want to fight another hospital for (if you were interested in a more holistic birth) are routine at Robinson.  I’m so excited to have found such a great birth center close to home!  In addition to the tours they had all kinds of booths set up and free goodies.  I got to introduce my mom to my midwife.  I won a door prize too!  It was a basket full of nursing supplies like breast pads, lanolin, burp cloths, onesies, receiving blankets, etc.  How exciting!

I’m so happy with how involved my parents are in the process.  They are just being great and celebrating this new life with us.  (I’m sure my DH’s family would be exactly the same if they lived closer!  We keep getting packages for the baby from DH’s mom!).  I don’t know if this is really different from the experience we would have had if I had gotten pregnant easily at 23 years old.  I have to imagine that it is different.  Another blessing of infertility.  Pregnancy is always a blessing but when you have waited so long, wanted so much, and tried so hard it is infinitely precious every moment.


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