Mama’s Little Kumquat

We saw our baby move yesterday!  We had our first OB appointment and a tour of the Birthing Center at Robinson Memorial Hospital in Ravenna.  I was nervous about liking the nurses and doctors because I didn’t want to continue to OB shop.  My biggest concerns were 1) I’m a question asker and I want detailed answers from my doctor, and 2) I wanted some acknowledgment that I’m not like other pregnant women.  Well I got what I wanted!  The nurse and the doctor answered all my questions and after hearing about they type of birth experience I want, Dr. R offered if I wanted midwife care.  They way she did it was so nice too.  It wasn’t like she was blowing me off but honestly looking at the type of care I wanted.  She said a midwife would give me more bedside labor care than she could.  They have 2 midwives in the practice so I would know them both and one of them would deliver (with the doctor there are 5 of them and they rotate on-call times).  So, I’m excited about that.

I asked Dr. R if I could hear the heartbeat today and he said 10 weeks is early but she would try.  I said “I just want doctor verification that I’m still pregnant.”  So, she got me in for a quick ultrasound!  This really made me feel like she understood how hard it is to be pregnant after IVF.  So, we saw the little kumquat squirm and heard the hearbeat on ultrasound.  What a beautiful sound!  My next appt. is with the midwife in 4 weeks.

The hospital was very nice too.  Just what we were looking for.  Here is some information about them (crappy website; nice birth suites).


One thought on “Mama’s Little Kumquat

  1. Robinson Memorial is where I was born!! And although I don’t remember the experience (my memory is good but that’s a little too far back- ha ha ha) I’ve heard what a great maternity ward they have! Good choice! That was very nice of them to do the ultrasound too– I can understand where you’re coming from… Different situations, I know but when I was pregnant with Dominic I jumped at any opportunity to have an ultrasound done to make sure that everything was ok, that I was still pregnant… I wish they would make one for home use! lol
    This is your time to be “preg-zilla” Carmen! After all you’ve been through you deserve to be heard, acknowledged and reassured!

    Keep those blogs coming… I love being in the loop ;o)


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