New Side Thingies!

So my images to the right are getting a little messy!  I added my baby registry at (I will be registering at Babies R Us also for family and friends without computers).  I also added a link to!  This is a really fun Baby Pool!  It is like an office superbowl pool for babies!  Guess our baby’s gender, weight, length, and date/time of birth.  You win point for how close you get to being right and get a prize at the end!  Go guess the gender now because there will be a prize just for that when we find out.  After that everyone can change to the correct gender and get those easy 400 pts.!


3 thoughts on “New Side Thingies!

  1. Its so cool to see your baby growing compared to a quarter I love the imagerey. So glad to hear all is going well, sorry youre so tired, but I guess thats part of the pregancy game and I am sure you are not complaining either, LOL! How did I end up in Cairo….well thats a question almost everyone has asked. I plan to post about someday soon. So take care and always look forward tp your updates. xoxoxo


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