Garage Sale Pay Dirt

So our neighbor is having a yard sale today and we went nuts on baby stuff.  We got a pack n’ play, a waterproof crib matress, a tummy time play mat, a back time interactive arch, a 2 part play seat and walker (it doesnt’ walk for little ones), a baby bath lounge, and the cutest panda costume!  All for 1/2 the price we would have paid for a pack n’ play alone. Everything was in great and working condition!  This is so great because I feel like every cent we save is just another week I get to take of (unpaid) maternity leave.  I’ll post pictures of the stuff we got sometime.


3 thoughts on “Garage Sale Pay Dirt

  1. What is this you are being frogule (sp) and I wasn’t there to bask in the glory that maybe somehow and somewhere I contriubited to that. I love you and very happy for your purchaeses. Now that you are in our hearts and prayers EVERY day.


  2. Jeesh, I am glad you got good deals, but I have been window shopping for you since baby update #2. you should post a list on here of all the stuff you want and need so we can start shopping LOL


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