My First Pregger Purchase

Tonight I purchased a “maternity sleep bra.”  My ta-tas hurt so bad that it wakes me up when I move at night and since every bra I own has underwires I needed something more comfortable to sleep in.  Apparently I’m not alone since they actually manufacture something called a “maternity sleep bra.”  It is also a nursing bra so it may come in handy.  Best yet it was only 14.99!  My normal bras are more than that.  Maybe there is something to this no underwire thing.

W went to Babies R Us and almost parked in “Expectant Mother’s” parking but we refrained.  My day is coming!

I took my last pregnancy test this morning.  I am sitting here next to 13 pregnancy tests and I threw the 2 digitals away (because they don’t say “pregnant” forever) – so that’s 15 pregnancy tests and 12 of them have lines!  12 positive HPT!  That is such vindication for the 100’s of negative ones.  I hope those nasty HPT manufactures feel my wrath; even if they don’t care on their yachts in the French Riveria that I helped them purchase.


3 thoughts on “My First Pregger Purchase

  1. Whoa, those are awesome tests! Many, many, many congratulations to you, hubby, and your family! I loved the story of you sharing the news with everyone! I’ll be thinking great things for your betas, but looking at those tests, I don’t think you’ll have any problems in that area! Super congrats again!

    Thanks for your support and kind words over on my blog, also.


  2. Such great news!!! You are so cute too, going everywhere and telling everyone, I am TOO TOO happy for you!!!

    How cool a maternity sleep bra, never heard of it, and cheap too! Enjoy!


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