Clear Blue

Last night before we went to sleep DH kissed my abdomen goodnight. It was a sweet ending to a wonderful day!

Yesterday morning I tested with FRER (First Response Early Result, a very sensitive kind of test) and go a clear wonderful line!! So, I posted on my message boards that I *might* be pregnant and got an overwhelming response of “two lines is two lines.” One person recommended I try a digital test because there is no room for error…so I left work and went to buy Clear Blue Easy digital HPT. You pee on it and the little window shows a little blinking hour glass, and then…PREGNANT! It was the most beautiful word I’ve ever seen!!

So that’s it! I’m pregnant today and I’m going to enjoy it! I told everyone at work and they were so wonderful and excited for me. Then I went to where mom works…I’ll post more soon…ok back…so my mom is a bank teller and I walked right up to her window and slid the positive HPT across the counter. She instantly started crying and shaking. It was awesome.

Then we went to where my dad works and snuck in the back door (so as not to have to register at the front desk as a visitor and have them blow our cover). We went in his office and sat behind his desk waiting for him to come back. When we showed him the test I swear I’ve never seen him so happy. My dad isn’t the most emotional of guys and I’ve never seen him have a smile he couldn’t wipe off of his face until yesterday! That is as close to “giddy” as I’ve ever seen my dad. It was awesome!

Then we went and woke my sister up (she works nights) and told her she was going to be an aunt! It was awesome!

Did I mention it was awesome?


P.S. I’m using my scanner instead of my camera to take pics of the HPT’s that’s why the windows are blurry – because they aren’t directly on the scanner glass.


7 thoughts on “Clear Blue

  1. I have been on pins and needles. Just had my third ET done yesterday. Pray for me (us) like I have been praying for you. I am so thrilled for you. This is good. This is REAL good! Blessings…


  2. Oh my god we are so happy for you guys!!!!!!! I am so glad you took the tests early (even though you weren’t supposed to). I don’t think I could have waited until monday……I can’t WAIT to start buying you STUFF!!!!!! Luv ya’s and congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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