Dollar Tree Therapy

Every time I walk into the Dollar Tree I end up asking myself, “why don’t I shop here more often?”  When I was a kid, dollar stores were for buying bubbles and cheap, plastic toys that break in 5 minutes.  Today they have frozen food sections, kitchen sections, it is amazing!

I got my DH a silicone bar-b-que brush he’s been wanting for $1.  I got coconut scented shampoo, conditioner, and moisturizer for $1, $1, and $1.  I love coconut scent it reminds me of summer and cheers me up.  I got an adorable black and white picture frame to put the picture of our embryos in (we want to do a black and white nursery should we be so blessed).

I also got 10 home pregnancy tests for $1 a piece!

Yes, I bought HPT so sue me.  I know everyone – including my mom and DH – have forbidden me to test before my beta blood test on the 9th.  Well…pfft.  That’s what I think of that.  But to help them feel better I decided to explain my perfectly rational reasoning behind this.


  1. I want to communicate with my body and my embryos.  For the past 3 weeks I’ve been bloodtested and ultrasounded to death.  I know on a daily basis what my body is doing.  In a strange way it is like talking to my body.  “Hey body, what’s up?”  And now, post transfer when I most want to here how my body and my babies are doing I’m supposed to cut off all communication?  It just seems unnatural.  
  2. I want data.  I am meticulous and I want to thoroughly document our journey that includes knowing when the HCG leaves my body and when/if I get my own HCG provided by baby.  I want to know when.
  3. I want to process my emotions in the privacy of my own home.  I think it would not be good for me to build up all my hopes on one single test.  This way I can cautiously weigh possible outcomes myself before the big beta day.

So there are basically 4 scenarios that can come out of POAS before beta and this is how I plan to deal:

  1. Scenario 1:  I test + on HPT and + on beta.  What’s the problem?  Party!  PTL!
  2. Scenario 2:  I test – on HPT and + on beta.  What a surprise!  Although I knew to wait for beta before dropping into complete despair I am happily surprised by the news!  Party! PTL!
  3. Scenario 3:  I test – on HPT and – on beta.  This is devastating.  I’ve had some time to process the possibility since I had been POAS.  Queue inconsolable sadness.
  4. Scenario 4:  I test + on HPT and – on beta.  This is the worst of the 4 and would be very painful.  However, this is also the least likely.  HPT are much more likely to give false- than false+.  I really don’t believe in the false+.  If I test + on HPT and then – on beta I’m going to assume that I was pregnant and miscarried.  This option sucks and will hurt really bad.  But worse than a – beta by itself?  It is kind of moot.  Pain that great is hardly shaded by degrees.

So, I think it is safe for me to cautiously test every day.  I promise to not read a test after 3 minutes.  I promise to only test once per day with FMU.  I promise to take results with a grain of salt until my beta.


10 thoughts on “Dollar Tree Therapy

  1. 10 HPT for $1!!!!!! I am going to Dollar Tree! I am trying to hold out for my scheduled blood test. We’ll see how long that lasts!


  2. Hearing about you shopping fun just makes me long for our Wal-Mart and Target trips! You would make me buy something for myself and then blame me for what ever you bought on that trip!! I hope you’re laughing right now. My prayers are with you on this journey and you can rationalize anything more than anyone else but I do agree with your DH and Mom on this (however if this is what you want you know I will support you.) Love always 😉


  3. You are too funny Paige, I am always laughing out loud at work when I read your posts. Chris and I anxioulsy read your comments, our prayers are with you always. Ceiba has an envelope waiting to mail to you. It is full of loose change LOL. Love you and miss you guys, hope to see you all soon….


  4. Your rationale is the EXACT reason why I also cleaned out my local Dollar Tree of pregnancy tests on not one, but two trips. I have 8 of 20 left. I hope and pray those tests show you what you wan tto see!


  5. I agree with Frank. The Dollar tree sucks. I am a cashier, and it seems like a freak show everytime I go in there. The place is managed by a whole bunch of ugly overweight women that smoke, have tattoos, and drink a lot. They think they are smart and clever but really they’re a whole bunch of dummies that can barely even manage the store. I am probably one of the hardest workers, and am never off on my til. Yet they still refuse to give me more hours than I need to pay off a whole bunch of payments I have to make. They give me 5-15 hours tops a week. They are also hippacrits. I had to talk on my cell phone for ten seconds to tell someone I couldn’t talk, and one of our lazy fat managers got mad at me for it, even though she talks on her cell phone while on the clock constantly. They also got mad at me for coming in jeans a few times because my work pants weren’t available, yet this one black girl comes in to work as a cashier in a sweat suit and a beanie everyday. WTF. I could go on but it’s not worth the time. bottom line, it’s a cuircus in there.


  6. Dollar Tree sucks. Trust me, i work there. We have a store manager who has NO business being a manager at all, we have a district manager who is constantly coming in looking over everyone’s shoulder and micromanaging but conveniently disappearing when real work needs to be done, we have a total of about SIX managers/asst. managers in charge of about FIFTEEN or less workers… the place is a mess. It always looks like a tornado just wrecked the store, the customers are the WORST, they pick frozen food out of the freezers and leave it everywhere, on shelves at room temperature because they’re too effing lazy to walk five feet to put it back when they changed their mind… It has laughably ridiculous rules like you HAVE to take a half-hour lunch if you’re there for 5 hours whether you brought a lunch or not and whether you want to or not. The place is a joke. I’ve worked in some pretty dysfunctional businesses but the Dollar Tree takes the cake for abysmally low pay while at the same time having a litany of unneccessary, asinine rules. SO much B.S. yet they don’t even pay a living wage. I would love to see it go bankrupt. Who knows? Maybe with the way the credit market is going they won’t be able to roll over their short-term debt?


  7. I SO miss dollar tree and all dollar stores. Awehn I travel to the US dollar stores are ALWAYS on my list. They really stock some great stuff now, not like in the early days. My kitchen here in Cairo is stocked with some really awesome silicon utensils from there. They’re not Kitchen Aid, but I swear as good. So when you shop again think of me. (they have 2.50LE stores here but they SUCK! Nothing like the dollar stores we have in the States, here all the stuff is CHEAP, bad quality and mostly all toys and garbage.)

    So good luck with your testing and I think its great!!!


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