Meet Our ICSI Pixies

ICSI Pixie alpha ICSI Pixie beta

We had two beautiful 8-celled, Grade 3 (4 being perfect) embryos come home today. Above is ICIS Pixie alpha on the left and ICIS Pixie beta on the right. Aren’t they beautiful?

The ET was actually an amazing experience. DH was in scrubs with a hair net and mask – he looked adorable! We went in and had ultrasound (abdominal not dildocam) so they could see the uterus (and my crazy-full bladder). Then on another screen they showed us live-feed of our embryos as they put them in the catheter. On the ultrasound we saw the catheter leave the embryos in just the right place in my uterus and then the embryologist checks the catheter really well to make sure both embryos made it in. It was actually kind of amazing and beautiful. If I didn’t have to pee so bad it would have been fun (they have to have a full bladder to see the uterus best).  We also got the petri dish that or embies were in.

We also had two snowflakes frozen and 10 embryos still being watched for development and possible freezing. Now the two week wait begins as we pray our babies grow and stick.


7 thoughts on “Meet Our ICSI Pixies

  1. Wow! Grand Pixies/ So beautiful. I think one is a girl and one is a boy. The girl has all the extra bling. Sending positive thoughts your way. May God bless you both.


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