Egg Retrieval Day!

6:15AM – Just getting ready to leave to go to the clinic. I got maybe 5 minutes of sleep last night. I tried not to be nervous but failed miserably. DH bought me a gift yesterday to help make the hour drive to the clinic less stressful: the Monster Ballads CD. You know the one. Where big hair 80’s bands sing their slow songs. It is so awesome. It brings back so many memories of childhood that it will certainly take my mind off of things. I am, as my nurse said, “hagged up.” No makeup, jewelry, contacts, etc.

We are going to make babies today! WIsh me luck.

12:42PM – 29 Eggs!!!  I never dreamed I would have that many.  I prayed this morning that I would have 10 or more (fertilize) so lab would go to 5 day (they don’t usually with less than 10).  Of course, all 29 of those eggs are probably not mature but I think my chances are good of having more than 10 fertilize.  I cried when I woke up and they told me.  I’m just so thankful to have made it this far and that I’m doing so well.

I was in la-la land of course, but they told me that the doctor doing the retrieval uses 2 needles so that she can flush out each follicle and get the egg.  They don’t move on to the next follicle until the embryologist verifies that they got the egg.  I have heard of many clinics that are not this thorough so I’m really pleased.  I asked to meet the embryologist and she came in and said hi before the surgery and after came in with pictures to explain the process to us about ICSI and what not.  Also something I know some clinics don’t do.  It was a great experience overall.  I’m in a moderate amount of pain right now with occasional spasms of much greater pain.  Only very light bleeding.  I’m going to go sleep the rest of the day away and pray for my eggs to fertilize!


2 thoughts on “Egg Retrieval Day!

  1. Good Luck. My heart is with you both. Can’t wait to hear it’s over. Can’t wait to be your childs grandmother. Love you both, Mom


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