CD #13: The Harvest Moon

The moon is full tonight and tonight I do my trigger HCG shot at 9PM. Perfect time for an early spring harvest don’t you think?

My ovaries look spectacular like bubbling balls of follicles. I’m so proud of them! Here is an example of an ultrasound of a superovulated ovary. The black areas are follicles. Mine are all around 18mm which means they are mature.

My estrogen level was 4.259. Yikes! Most doctors consider you at high risk for Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome (OHSS) if it is above 3,000. The Nurse said I would get albumin with my sedative at my Egg Retrieval (ER).

So, ER. Basically with the aid of transvaginal ultrasound (our friend the dildocam) they use a long needle to suck all the fluid out of the follicles (all the black area in the above ultrasound). This contains the egg although they aren’t actually finding the egg when they retrieve. They just try to get all the fluid and the egg will be in there. Here is the best image I could find about how this works.

Fun, huh? Yes, you are seeing correctly – that is a long needle being poked through the vaginal wall. If ever two words should never be together – needle and vaginal wall are it.

While I’m in surgery for ER, DH will be “producing” a sample. Since we have MF they will use intercytoplasmic spern injection (ICSI pronounced ick see) to fertilize the eggs. Here is an image of ICSI.

The thing on the left is a pipett used to keep the egg in place and the thing coming in from the right is the needle with a single sperm cell in it.

I’m so excited to have made it to this point! I actually have eggs! I pray they are mature and healthy and that they fertilize. Just thinking about fertilization gives me goosebumps – for the first time ever a part of me and a part of DH will combine to make a new life. That will be so affirming.


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