CD #8: Mittelschmerz and Pedicures

Ok, I’m feeling it now.  My ovaries are so sore.  I always thought I was lucky that I have mittelschmerz and know when I ovulate but it also means I can feel my ovaries all the time.  Now they are kind of pulsating with a throbbing ache.  It isn’t unbearable but it is unpleasant.  I am also exhausted – more exhausted than I’ve ever been.  Yesterday we were cleaning out the stock room in my Library for an upcoming move (we are getting awesome new digs!) and I just felt so tired and a little light headed and I had to sit down.

My e2 was 398 yesterday (up from 29 last Friday at baseline) so that was good.  I’m continuing on with 225 Follistim, 20 Lupron except I’m supposed to skip Follistim tonight, resume Follistim tomorrow morning and then go back for monitoring.  They also started my surgical paperwork for Egg Retrieval because I’m “looking good.”  I can tell it is working because of the pain and also the TONS of EWCM (if you don’t already know what that means then trust me you don’t want to know).

I have an appointment with my counselor today and I’m thinking of canceling and getting a pedicure instead.  Hey, spa treatments are therapy too!