CD #6: Follistim Follies

No not THAT kind of follies, as in follicles, actual follies as in “it would be folly to make a woman on Follistim angry.”

This morning I took my 3rd 225 unit dose of Follistim out of the Follistim Pen with a vial of 600 units.  Ok, let’s do the math:  225 + 225 + 225 = ?  Well, more than 600!  So the pen is supposed to tell you when the vial is empty, you add another vial and finish your dose.  The pen did the whole dose.  So either the pen is broken, I gave myself too little yesterday, or I (and DH) are insane!  I loaded a new vial and gave myself the additional 75 units.

Did I give myself too much? Not enough yesterday?  Am I experiencing Ovarian Psychosis?  Note to self, check dosage 3 times before stabbing!


3 thoughts on “CD #6: Follistim Follies

  1. Hi there just so you know for next time, if no ones told you yet that is, your pen is the same one i use. (different drug cause different country but exactly the same pen and cartriges) They have about an extra 75iu’s in them. so 600 cartridge will have roughly 675 in it. thats so you can allow for priming if required or if you waste some by accident like i did the night i squirted my hubby in the face lol. Don’t ya just kove this stuff 🙂


  2. i did the same thing… i was supposed to give myself 250 units, but i didn’t realize the cartridge had more than 900 in it… so i overcompensated and gave myself 375 units.. ugh!


  3. I did the same thing just now! I had a 600 unit cartridge and had to give myself 225 one day and 225 the next. Tonight I knew that I wouldn’t have enough in the vile but did what the directions told me to and I dialed to 225 and waited for it to stop at 75 but it didn’t. So, I figured I know the math so I just need to put another cartridge in and inject 75 more units…which I did. Now I am wondering if I gave myself too much, too! Is it okay if that happened? I figured I would trust my math skills and just do the 75 more units but now am thinking I gave myself 375 now. Jadunham, did anything happen? What did you do, just continue with the 225 units the next day? Thanks!


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