CD #2: Caffeine and Lubricants

Oh, dildocam how I missed thee.

So I had my baseline ultrasound/bloodwork for IVF #1 today!  We are on our way.  This is my first time for monitoring at this new clinic and they just gave me another reason to love them.  They used lubricant on our friend the dildocam.  The previous clinic said they CAN’T use lubricant because it “messes up the ultrasound.”  What a bunch of bull!  I thought so at the time but was too meek to question it.  I love my clinic!

So, if everything is ok with my bloodwork, I will start Lupron 20 units on Sunday evening and then Lupron 20 and Follistim 225 on Monday twice a day.  I go back in for monitoring on Thursday the 15th.  It is frustrating to  have to wait some more but I guess that is the point of a “flare” protocol – to get that boost of FSH from my body before suppression.

//pause for family and friends:
Lupron is a drug that stops my body from producing any hormones itself to aid egg maturation because they want to control it with…
Follistim is a synthetic Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) that makes lots of eggs mature!
//end pause.

After I talked to the nurse about caffeine and she said it isn’t a big deal!  I don’t know what to do now.  I’m sitting here with a thumping headache because I haven’t had any caffeine in 2 days and she’s saying it isn’t a big deal regardless of research to the contrary.  What to do?


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