2 Guided Meditation CDs for Infertility

The first is part of the Health Journey’s series by Belleruth Naparstek. It is called Guided Meditation Help for Infertility. It consists of 2 CDs and 4 (~20 min. each) different guided meditations: (1)envisioning successful fertilization – inside or outside the body; (2) repeating calming affirmations; (3) gaining respite from the daunting procedures and help with general coping; (4) helping with grief, resolution and reclaiming one’s life.

I have listened to the first and second one so far. She starts with general relaxation – deep breathing, relax your muscles, and focus on what’s going on inside. Then she draws you attention to positive thoughts about your body’s ability to provide a safe and healthy place for a new life. The second session does not have the relaxation and can be used in a non-relaxing atmosphere (i.e. in your car) and it is affirmations. Although I haven’t listened to it I am comforted by the fact that I will have that 4th one to listen to. I liked these CDs, Belleruth has an amazing voice that is very relaxing. I would recommend this for anyone suffering from IF unless you are doing IVF, then I would choose the next set…

The second program is called Meditation for IVF and it is available online (only?). Note that this company sells other CDs for different IF problems such as PCOS, natural cycles, etc. I have the 1 on IVF and it consists of 4 (20 min. each) parts also: Track 1: Hitting Your Mark! From shots to retrieval; Track 2: Rest and Rejuvenate – between retrieval and transfer; Track 2: Baby’s Sweet Spot! From Transfer to Implantation (week 1 of 2 week wait); Track 4: The Waiting Game! From Implantation to Pregnancy Test (week 2 of 2 week wait).

I have only listened to the first one of these (because of where I am in my cycle) and I LOVE it! It starts with progressive relaxation – toes to face – with deep breathing. She starts by saying “you have nothing to do right now except listen and relax.” Whew! Someone gave me permission for me time! After relaxation she guides you through imagery of your ovaries growing “perfect” eggs and reiterates several times that “your body is working with the medication” to make the best possible eggs. With my eyes closed I picture my ovaries growing and getting bumpy with ripening follicles. I really really loved this meditation. I felt revitalized and peaceful and content when it was finished. I can’t recommend this enough! If you are doing IVF get this! You can download it right online and listen today!


One thought on “2 Guided Meditation CDs for Infertility

  1. hi thanks for the info on the cd for IVF. I am having trouble finding the exact one you are talking about.

    I went to the health journeys site but cant seem to find the IVF meditation cd you are talkign about in your post.

    would I be able to ask a big favour and ask you to send me a direct link to the CD page. or enough information that i can find the cd amongst al the other amazing cd’s the site has.

    it willbe a great help. thanks again for the info.



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