Naked and Waiting

Well, I just got back from my mini-vacation and it was fabulous. TMI alert: frankly we lounged around naked for two full days alternating between the couch and hot tub! Gotta love secluded cabins!

So I am on pins and needles wanting to start this IVF ball rolling but since I’m on a microdose protocol (aka no bcp) I have to wait for AF to start stimming. HURRY AF…wow haven’t said that … ever!

I am gearing up by creating myself a “Flourishing with IVF” (as opposed to just “surviving”) care package. I got some good books to read that AREN’T What to Expect When You Are Expecting! I also got some guided meditation CD’s for IVF at Amazon (listed below) and the book Guide Me Through This Barren Land, a daily devotional for IF. I’m also doing yoga every day to clear my mind and stay positive. My goal this cycle is to be calm and optimistic and open to experience every day of the process. If it works I will have this beautiful time to remember the creation of my child and if it does not I will be in a healthier place to deal with it. I don’t want to wish the month away I want to enjoy the journey.

Here are the CD’s and Books I got:

Health Journeys Guided Meditations Help For Infertility (Audio CD)
by Belleruth Naparstek (Author)

Nurturing Yourself Through IVF: Improve Your Experience, Maximize Your Odds of Success (Paperback)
by Lynn Daley (Author)

Guide Me Through This Barren Land (Paperback)by Vicki Caswell (Author)

Does anyone else have a plan or hints for coping…or flourishing.


I'd love to hear your comments or questions!

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