Baby Mama

I saw Baby Mama this evening. Overall the movie was very funny and enjoyable to watch. As an IF patient there were parts that made me cry although I’m in a place where that is ok. They did a good job of showing how overwhelming the desire to have a child can be and some of the crazy things people say. It was also an uplifiting and “feel good” comedy so it doesn’t dwell on the horror or pain at great lengths.

I would recommend it as long as you are in a place where the pain of IF is something you can explore or willing to laugh about. If it is so raw that you try to avoid thinking about it at all – don’t go see this as it will hit a nerve. As far as public consciousness I really still hope that this opens someone’s eyes.

Plus it was really funny. You will never look at extra virgin olive oil the same!

****Spoilers below Scroll to read: Don’t read if you want to see the movie! **********

First off, I liked that her diagnosis wasn’t something flimsy like “advanced maternal age” she actually had a diagnosis.

My biggest problem with the movie is that she does in fact get pregnant. After trying ART (including IVF) and then going with a surrogate who falsely passes her own pregnancy off as the surrogate – she meets the right guy and gets pregnant. I guess this type of thing happens and good for people that get pregnant naturally after IF. However, I was disappointed at the perpetuation of the stereotype that IF women are just being impatient and “when the time is right” it will happen. AKA, when you find the right guy, get the right job/house/etc. Granted, in the movie they even say that she has a 1 in a million chance but I think the non-IF savvy movie goer will walk away with a more “IF doesn’t exist if you just wait long enough”. I have been PI for 9 years. People are always saying to me “it will happen” and “when the time is right”. Ummm, no. IF is a MEDICAL CONDITION. My husband’s sperm, if they survive long enough are INCAPABLE of penetrating an egg. We are not going to get pregnant if we just “keep at it.” And I am not being impatient. Ugh.

Anyways, that was my complaint.

Either way, I do think that just hearing about infertility is good for the masses. I am optimistic that story lines of this nature will do for IF what Rainman did for autism. smile.gif


One thought on “Baby Mama

  1. I had the exact same reaction to this movie — why did the Intended Mother have to get pregnant?? That pretty much ruined the movie for me, which I otherwise thought was great. It still could have been really funny if the surrogate had given birth to the Intended Mother’s child — and it still would have had its happy feel-good ending.


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